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Americans for Small Business will be providing a number of resources aimed at helping small businesses succeed. Stay tuned for the latest updates on these resources as we release them!

ASB Small Business Scorecard

The Congressional Small Business Scorecard, produced annually, is an instrumental tool that evaluates the performance of all 535 members of Congress on small business legislation. Our ASB Scorecard offers a score between 0-100 that is derived from a weighted assessment of selected legislation. The scorecard furnishes our members with an easy way to understand how their representatives are contributing to the small business ecosystem.

ASB State of Small Business Survey

The ASB annual State of Small Business Survey delves deeper into prevailing conditions and challenges faced by small businesses across the nation. By aggregating insights from our members, we construct a comprehensive narrative that reflects the true state of small businesses. This survey serves as a conduit for our members to voice their concerns, experiences, and suggestions, thereby enabling us to better tailor our advocacy efforts and provide a more nuanced representation of small business interests on Capitol Hill.

ASB Monthly Newsletter

Our Monthly Newsletter is a dedicated channel to keep our members well-informed and engaged with the latest developments in the small business community, prevalent legislative updates, and ASB’s ongoing advocacy efforts. Besides offering an update on relevant policy shifts and governmental decisions, it spotlights member businesses, shares success stories, and provides actionable insights. Through this regular touchpoint, we foster a community of informed and interconnected entrepreneurs, who are well-versed with the policy landscape and empowered to navigate it adeptly.

ASB Legislative Insight Resources

At ASB, we recognize the importance of keeping our members up-to-date on the legislative landscape that impacts the small business sector in real time. ASB provides a suite of Legislative Insight Resources consisting of fact sheets and briefings on any relevant small business legislation. Fact sheets distill complex legislative text into digestible summaries highlighting the key points for the small business community. Our briefings provide more extensive analysis and insights on how the legislation aligns with the broader interests of small businesses. ASB resources empower our members with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the legislative environment, engage in informed discussions, and advocate for the small business community’s collective interests.